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plans - Jim Nabors plux Eraserhead times infinity. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
jimmy tooth nixon

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plans [Jan. 1st, 2009|09:31 pm]
jimmy tooth nixon
I: Living room:
A.) I have a couch, but I feel that chairs are a silly way to relax.  Why have your legs dangling?  Why not sit closer to the ground?

B.) Solution:  Find a futon mattress and some pillows.  Build a headboard about a foot and a half tall and the width of said futon mattress and you're better off.  (To prevent slipping of the mattress, it might be good to build a simple frame.)  You can lie down and watch television!  Fuck raised seating, just put that fucker on the floor.  Why do we sit so high up?  Everyone just wants to lie down anyway.

C.) I have a lot of books that take up a lot of space, and cause a need for several shelves.  These have cost me a lot of money, they are consistently a problem to organize properly and keep up with, and I will probably never read them (even if I were going to, most of these books could be found for free at a local library). 

D.) Solution:

1: Whittle books down to a bare minimum (that being books that were given to me or that have proven their worth to me), which probably means 50 books at maximum.  Excess books can be sold at a rummage sale or sold online to help fund CBHL, because there are a lot of them.

2: Wall mount two shelves for books, each about 3 feet long, using sturdy shelving brackets. (If each shelf is only going to hold 25 books, I feel that there won't be much problem on the load-bearing side of things, but I seems that 6 total feet might be too much.  More research will be done and plans will be retro-fitted accordingly).

3: Now that I am freed of the necessity for floored shelving, I can house my LPs in a way that is friendlier to flipping if I go so far as to build a tub, approximately 2 feet wide X 2 feet long X 1 foot deep and set on a table approximately 1.5 feet off the ground (an end table with legs sawed short might suffice once the crate itself is completed).
II. Workspace:

A.) My workspace is at present confined to a dining room table with milk-crates stacked on it.  All my computer stuff is stacked high and there's no real way to make any kind of filing system or any other method for keeping everything organized.  Not to mention that the size and (necessary) positioning of said dining table makes it inconvenient to get to my cabinets, now placed to the right of the workspace (when looking in the space from out).

B.) The Solution: 

1:  Workspace part 1 (Idea comes from Evan G.):
Build a loft above my bed, which is just a mattress and box-spring on the floor.  The ceiling in the bedroom is 8 feet high, meaning that to give myself a comfortable height for sitting on this study loft, it will have to be about 4 feet below the ceiling, and about 4 feet above the floor.  The loft will be 5.5 feet wide, 7.5 feet deep, made of 11 planks 6 inches wide and 5.5 feet long (an inch high), and will be supported by a frame of 4x4's.  Preferably it will be topped with plexiglass.
On the loft I will keep two coffee tables 3.5 feet wide and 1.5 feet deep to use as desks (as I said before, fuck chairs), each placed at one end, as well as a set of wire drawers and a small bookshelf.  One will be used as a computer table and will house computer accoutrements (laptop, speakers, hard-drive, printer).  The other will be used for drafting or other hand-writing purposes.  The wire drawers and bookshelf will obviously be used for storage.
For further storage, a bulletin style pinboard and a pegboard will be used, one for mapping ideas, one for hanging cords and other loose items.

2: Workspace part 2:
Eliminate dining room table.  Replace with coffee table identical to the tables placed on the study loft.  Above this, hang each of my guitars (of which there are 6).  Above this, hang a shelf 6 feet long for storage of other items not readily hung.  This, obviously, will be used as a recording space.



From: mrhumanamerican
2009-01-02 10:37 pm (UTC)

Q: Book Storage - Recording Studio

A: Build interior shutter-shelving.

1. Mount four doubly hinged support bars (one for each corner of window frame) to "free float" one/ two framed cabinets that makeup your shutter-shelving.

2. Add backing to prevent sun damage to books.

3. Add front panel(s) and noise buffering materials to cancel unwanted static.

Also try building furniture from scraps. (I'm poor but resourceful.)

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com
tri-pod {3 trashed table legs, masonite from clipboard, liberated metal milk crate, cork, hardware::total cost(in terms of parts):$2}

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com
magazine rack {(x2)gutted military stereoscope boxes, scrap framing wood, trashed medicine cabinet legs, hardware::total cost(parts):$0}

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com
(low set) coffee table
Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com
legged studio storage bins{...reconstituted child's desk::total cost:$5 desk, $2 hardware}
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[User Picture]From: daylightrambler
2009-01-03 10:56 pm (UTC)

Re: Q: Book Storage - Recording Studio

quick tip: at the corner of 20th st. and 7th ave. South, there is a sort of furniture dump. If you look for the huge oxygen tanks, there is a ramp behind them on 7th where building services leaves old chairs and other office furniture. there were 2 or 3 beat-up wheeled coat-rack looking things there last time i checked.
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