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jimmy tooth nixon

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(no subject) [Dec. 16th, 2008|09:50 pm]
jimmy tooth nixon
I want you guys to know about some things I got.  I'm pretty excited about them, obviously

1.) These loafers,    , which I posted about a while back.  Unfortunately, the boots are still not within my grasp, but I am prepared to go on living this way.

2.) Glenn Gould's collection of Radio Documentaries known as the Solitude Trilogy.  3 hours of Glenn Gould talking about the joys of being alone.  I can't wait!

3.) The near-complete discography of Sublime Frequencies, the record label run by Alan Bishop of the amazing Sun City Girls.  Some of the albums are just radio collage, meaning that they are the sound of a person turning on a radio in another country and flipping the dials.  Sounds like a good idea to me. 

4.) These moccasins, ,  which I bought as house shoes but can't resist wearing as normal shoes. 

No other news.

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(no subject) [Dec. 11th, 2008|12:18 am]
jimmy tooth nixon
I just watched an advertisement for a stop-smoking aid.  It features a woman who says that she is addicted to nicotine because she smokes 1 cigarette at 6:30 am, then has another on the way to work, then another at 10 am on the nose, then one after lunch, and so on. 

This woman's day, for all intents and purposes, is 7 hours old and she's only had five cigarettes.

My days go like this:  I wake up, roll over and light a cigarette.  I put my glasses on after this and go use the bathroom.  Then I smoke a cigarette while I take Dali out.  I sometimes shower, then smoke a cigarette while I get dressed, then another in the car on the way to work.  I go into work, work for about an hour, then smoke a cigarette.  I smoke a cigarette approximately every hour until I get off work, then another on the way home from work.  If we backtrack and look at my day, I have smoked almost as many cigarettes as this woman in the advertisement before I even leave the house.  She doesn't need help.  
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(no subject) [Dec. 3rd, 2008|05:36 pm]
jimmy tooth nixon
Glenn Gould was an interesting person.  It should be noted, however, that Glenn Gould played classical music.

I slammed my finger in a door a few weeks ago.  It hurt for a little while, then I could see a scab on the finger, and blood under the nail.  The blood eventually went away and the scab fell off, and for a while now I've just had a white spot where I could tell the nail wasn't connected anymore.  I've been all like "way cool!  I can't wait to see what happens here!"  seriously.  Here's what happened:  The fingernail started to come unattached at the wrong end the other day, like it was no longer connected to my cuticle.  I was still feeling pretty good about it, and every now and then I would pry it open a little bit to see the little cave it had made.  Because of this prying, the nail got more and more loose, and today I decided to do some exploring.  Using scissors, fingernail clippers, and teeth, I did away with the disconnected portion of nail to find that the nail had actually continued to grow underneath the portion of disconnected original nail.  It kind of dead-ends where the original nail becomes re-connected.  I feel now that I will have a funny looking fingernail forever.  I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, but as for right now, I keep feeling like the fucked up nail is going to get caught on something.  I've known a lot of people who smashed their fingers or toes as children and now have some kind of weird finger or toe nail, but I've never known anyone who had this on their pointer finger on their right hand.  Maybe I'm the king? 

Let's just say that me being the king is why I've been keeping to myself of late.  I've been enjoying it. 
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(no subject) [Dec. 2nd, 2008|03:45 pm]
jimmy tooth nixon

This is San Serac.  I saw him play last night with Wilderness.  I want to run it down with you.

The opener was Imaginary Planes, from Birmingham.  It was pretty good, but I didn't feel like it fit with Serac and Wilderness.  The show was pretty dead from the moment I got there, and I realized by the time Planes started that no one else was coming.  They played, and I stood and watched soberly by myself.  I had understood that Teen Getaway was going to play as well, but when the curtain came up for the second time, there was just one guy with a lot of keyboards and an Ipod.  He said "This reminds me of this one time that..." and then pressed on the keyboard to make an atmospheric noise.  After doing this for a second, he pressed play on the Ipod and started singing.  The stage was unlit, and he was holding a reading light up to his face.  It was pretty awesome, and I could see a few people dancing their asses off.  One person even got up on the stage with Serac.  So I walked up to the stage with the four other people and started to realize that it was Wilderness, just dancing their hearts out.  Serac finished one original and then did a set of covers including Peter Gabriel and Pet Shop Boys.  It kind of made my century.

Anyway, Wilderness had backlined behind Serac, so they played pretty soon after he wrapped up.  I want to make it clear that at this point, Serac was sitting on the stage eating and I was one of 2 or 3 people standing on the floor watching.  They were just giving it their all, playing like it was any other night, more moved by the music they had made by any crowd or lack thereof.  Post-punk soundscapes with stabs of strange rhythm.  It's a kind of slow, powerful music that gets into your heart and makes you feel forever.  At least that's what I felt.  At the end of the show, I was the only person dancing and one of 2 people even watching.  They left pretty soon afterward. 

I can understand that a lot of people wouldn't like either of these bands, but I just wanted to share that I had a wonderful night out on the town by myself and caught something I hadn't expected to experience.  I could have planned this for a century and it wouldn't have touched me the same way, but I went out spontaneously and had my life set on fire.  So there.

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Money Spending Time. [Dec. 1st, 2008|08:00 pm]
jimmy tooth nixon
So you might remember the two pairs of shoes I posted about a few weeks back.  I really really wanted them, and putting them together in one place just made me feel the burn even worse.  So I thought about it, and I settled with myself.  I thought, if I have an alright amount of money after buying the christmas gifts I've been planning, I'll shell out the $200 for these two pairs of shoes.  I mean, shoes are something I'm going to use, and if they look good, I'll use them even more.  And even though I have a lot of pairs of shoes, I really don't wear more than a few pairs that often.  What I need from my shoe wardrobe is a nice pair of boots, a nice pair of oxfords or loafers (preferably loafers, because oxfords just look silly on a grown man), and 1, maybe 2, pairs of good solid sneakers (probably one pair of chuck taylors and one pair of vans or the like).  I was ready.

Step one, go see just how much money I'm looking at.  But wait!  It appears that the webiste I found these shoes on only has them in a 10, which is just too big for me.  I've tried wearing tens before and it's just silly.  Does not work, my friends.  It makes my feet look huge, it's uncomfortable, and it causes the shoes to deteriorate in a strange way. 

That's okay, though, I thought, I'll just check other websites.  I've got to be able to find these shoes somewhere else.  But no.  No.  The price markup at other stores is around $100 for the kenneth cole boots (and that's ridiculous) and $50 for the steve madden loafers.  And twice the amount per pair I had reconciled myself with is too much.  So it's back to me not needing shoes.  I'll just drool over the pictures for now.

Some things I did spend some money on follow:

Yamaha DD-5 drum pads. I've been wanting a set of these, and I got this pretty cheap on ebay.  If it works, I'm golden.  I can continue being a genius and never sharing it with any of you. If not, whatever.  That's life. 

Omega the Unknown hardcover, written by Jonathan Lethem.  I like Lethem a lot, and I read a few of these issues when they came out last year.  I buckled and bought it on Half.com, where I got it for around $20 bucks.  I read it already, and it was good.  I can probably pull $7 or $8 off of it at a yard sale.

Black sweater and grey patterned trousers.  I buckled here, okay?  I didn't need this shit, but I've been doing really well about not spending a lot on clothes, and I bought them at Old Navy, meaning that they fit me awkwardly and were inexpensive.  That way, I won't feel good about spending the money, and I didn't spend that much to begin with. 

I'll end this with a purchase I plan to make.

Yamaha Rx15.  Again, this is pretty cheap, I'll get a lot of use out of it, and I've been wanting a drum machine hard.  This will conclude my christmastime for myself. 

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You drink a lot of coffee for a teenager [Nov. 25th, 2008|10:29 pm]
jimmy tooth nixon
pt. 1: Funny Things From the Mouth of Albert, from Kenya

"What should I have to drink, a hot chocolate or a beer? It's beer time, in fact." (spoken at 12pm).

"Watch me out, I have knives!" (spoken while Albert was carrying a handful of kitchen knives).

"Jason.  Can I borrow your cigarette?"  (spoken in hushed tones approximately once a month.  It should be added that Albert has let me borrow his cigarette on many occassions).

pt. 2: No Parents

No Parents just finished recording the instrumental tracks for our debut EP with Lynn Bridges.  It took approximately 18 hours for us to record 7 songs.  The vocals have yet to be finished.  It was frustrating, but the tracks sound really good and we are all very satisfied.  Michael is going to record vocals and to pass along our wishes for the final mix on Friday.  Isabel Barnes is contributing a collage for the cover artwork, so be on the lookout for the release on Cigar Box Home Library sometime in the next 3 months.  It will knock the shit out of your ass.

pt. 3: Funny Things From the Mouth of Lynn Bridges

"A little scootch never hurt nobody, you can quote me on that." (spoken often).

"We can't start until Talk of the Nation goes off, it's Big Bob Schieffer."

(All spoken at a very fast pace in a thick southern accent.)

pt. 4: Working

I missed work on Saturday, and called in late on Monday.  As penance, I received a call today informing me that I was scheduled to work.  I normally have Tuesdays off.  Also, I get to work Friday, a day that many of you will be sitting at home, sleeping late to recover from the insane amounts of foodstuffs you have stuffed into your body on Thursday.  I have Thursday off, so I guess it's good that I was able to make up some hours, but holidays don't really count as off days, because you aren't able to get anything done.  Normally I use Tuesdays to do my laundry and tidy up the mess I've accumulated over the week.  I can't wait until next week.  
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(no subject) [Nov. 21st, 2008|01:11 pm]
jimmy tooth nixon
I really want these two pairs of shoes. 

I have a lot of shoes, and I don't need more.  I don't need to spend money, and I was doing very well not desiring to spend money on stupid things.  But I want these two pairs of shoes.

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Another Thing I Like Lately [Nov. 20th, 2008|12:46 am]
jimmy tooth nixon
This Heat - Deceit (1981). 

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(no subject) [Nov. 19th, 2008|08:41 pm]
jimmy tooth nixon
Something funny that happened today:
I lost my phone charger the other day.  Last night I finally realized that I wasn't going to find it, so I went to buy one at the AT&T store.  Apparently a phone charger costs $30, but I didn't let it get me down.  When shit like that happens, I try really hard to admit that I wouldn't have had to deal with it if I hadn't been irresponsible to begin with.  Oh well, charge it to the game.  I went home and charged my phone while I hung out for a bit.  Then I remembered I needed laundry detergent and drove to get it.  I dropped my phone under the seat, and when I reached to get it I put my hand right on my old phone charger.  $30 for nothing.  At least I have 2 of them now, I guess?

Things that I've liked lately:

Lil' Wayne - Tha Carter III.  I know this shit is 2 years old, but it's fucking crazy.  Like it doesn't make any sense.  I like it.  

Paul Auster


Le Mepris  It's strange to say that I like this film, because it was painful.  But I can definitely appreciate that it accurately portrays what it is attempting to portray.  Godard employs a technique similar to the one he used in this scene from Le Weekend, in which we experience a traffic jam via a single shot lasting 20 minutes (this clip is truncated down to 7 and a half).  Le Mepris, which deals with the breakup of a marriage, mainly takes place in the apartment of the lead couple, played by Brigitte Bardot and Michael Piccole, as they have an argument.  It seems like an annoying idea, and I can definitely tell you that it is an annoying reality, but I have never seen a more accurately portrayal or a more astute recapturing of what it feels like to be in that situation, in which your relationship is definitely ending, but you don't know why, the other person won't leave, and you don't want to go, either.  God, it pissed me off, and also reminded me that I should remain single for a while longer.
(See Also: They Shoot Horses, Don't They: directed by Sidney Pollack, featuring Jane Fonda as the lead in a film about a depression-era dance marathon.  Both the novel by Horace McCoy and the film are extremely nihilistc and hard-boiled, but Pollack's film realization takes the novel, which is a relatively short read, and makes it into an emotional investment.  Fonda's (over)acting lends much aid in this department.  It feels like this movie goes on for days, which is apt considering that it is portraying a dance-marathon which lasted, despite the fatigue of the participants, for several months.) 

Mutant Sounds

no longer forgotten music

I have to say that me liking these things is yet another testament to the fact that I enjoy things that annoy the fuck out of other people, both in their pretentiousness (with the exception of Tha Carter III) and their actually annoying-ness.  Have I become John Robertson McIlwain?  Actually, there is nothing annoying annoying about Spells or Paul Auster.

P.S:  You know that thing where you bend down to do something and hit your head when you straighten up?  In my life I have done that probably more than anyone in the history of the universe.  Once I hit my head on a dryer door so hard that I gave myself a concussion.

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small things i like [Nov. 17th, 2008|11:13 pm]
jimmy tooth nixon
nervous people.

jeff magnum's voice on the second chorus of "i have been floated"  he's being a brother, and for outsiders, it's a puzzle to place together.

the trumpet on nation of ulysses recordings.  how brash and awesome.  "who's got the real anti-parent culture sound (bwanh! bwanh! bwanh! bwanh!)
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