Jim Nabors plux Eraserhead times infinity.

jimmy tooth nixon
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ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch
pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop
bum popbum poppopbumbapbapdum
bum popbum poppopbumpop ting (continues)

grrrnn grrnnnnnnn
bmmbmm bmm bmm bmm

grrnn grrnnnnnnn
bmmbmmbmmbmmbmm bmm bmm bmm

grrnn grnnnnnnn

and so on.
1984(the year), 4:30 a.m., ?/the myseterions, a.m. radio, alarm clocks, ankle boots, assless pants, astro-zombies, avocado, b.u., being fashionable & melancholy, birth, bleeding, boy party, bump in the night, chain-smoking, cigarette, circle jerks, circles, club mekon, cold nights, computer death, convertible car rentals, creation/destruction, cutters, daddy, dance party, dating bar, death, drag, drag queens, drag racing, drag-ass, dressed for the h-bomb, eiderdown, el dorado, enjoy, enroy, entropy, ether, fag machine, family, family friends, feeling just like baudelaire, flower print, forget my face, forget my name, form-fitting clothing, freak power, french horn, friendly fire, friends, furries, garter belts, garter snakes, garter socks, gay bar, girl party, god, hipsters (old not new), holden caulfield syndrome, hospital, ice cream man, insert guitar interlude here, it is not dying, junkies, kittens 1-3, latex, leather, lovely rita/meter maid, me, modern world, mommy, money, motorcycle gangs, naked party, old world, open up & bleed, paisly, pants party, party like it's 1999, peacoats, pee, pee-pee, peroxide, personality crises, photograph, pillow party, plushies, polka dot, post-midnight pedestrianism, proctology, puppies 1-4, radio birdman, ray davies haircut, refrigerator college, ruffians, sandwiches, scene, scene kids, self-teaching, shower party, sissy, slacks, sleeping pill addiction, sleeping pills/suicide attempts, slumber party, sound & vision, special people, sublimation, suits, sunsets, supermarkets in california, sweat poei, sweet pea, take it lou, televisions, the crucifiction, the garage, to all my friends, turned into a zombie, underpants party, vox, waistcoats, walking in the sun, war/peace, warm baths, whips, wigs, william s. burroughs